Welcome to the Corium Naturals Online Store

Corium Naturals is a South African natural skincare range. Corium (pronounced Ko-Ree-Yum) is the Latin word for 'dermis' - the deepest layer of the skin. In its most raw meaning, Corium can also be translated to mean 'the truest skin'. That is what we at Corium are all about: giving you your 'true' skin.

Simplicity, Purity and Credibility

Our brand is built on the hallmarks of simplicity, purity and credibility. The natural skincare solutions that we provide are natural and botanical. In other words, every ingredient in our products is derived from nature, and as far as possible, in its most unrefined and natural state. Our recipes are inspired by traditional African, Himalayan and Ayurvedic beauty practices
We endeavour to partner with our clients by educating them on the benefits of natural beauty products and allowing them to make an informed purchasing decision.
We are a socially responsible company. Our raw materials supplier partners with developing organisations and individuals and offers educational assistance and support to emerging farmers around Southern Africa. Products such as our African Black Soap are imported from Ghana and carry approvals from the Ghanaian Standards Board. We make every effort to operate as an ethical and transparent entity.
Our Mission Statement
Our mission is to deliver natural skincare solutions which add value to the client, and are competitively priced. We undertake to make use of the purest ingredients in our product offerings, and to retail completely natural beauty products of the highest possible quality.
We look forward to providing you with products that you will come to love and trust and hope that you will share your Corium experiences with us.